Solid Bushings

Mopar Delrin Shifter Cable Bushings

These Delrin bushings are for manual transmissions only.

Please check your vehicles stock rubber bushings to insure these will work. There are two slightly different versions of the stock bushings. Most new Mopar vehicles have all (4) bushings the same size. Some older vehicles use (3) small and (1) large bushing. The large bushing will be on the firewall side of the transmission, and are prone to deteriorating and causing shifting problems.

All (4) stock rubber bushings from Mopar are very soft, and after time, the under hood conditions will rip them apart, making it impossible to shift. The photo to the left shows the vast difference between the stock and Delrin bushings.

These bushings are made of Delrin (Acetal). The best way to describe Delrin is that it is a plastic that has the strength of metal. It is commonly used in place of metal in applications where metal can not be used (magnetic, corrosion, or conducting / insulating reasons). It is machined exactly like metal, and on the same equipment. This is much stiffer than Urethane bushings, and it will not give or wear out. With this mount, it should never need to be replaced, unlike the stock unit. Yet, it absorbs vibration better than metal.

These bushings give the vehicle more precision and “less sloppy” shifting. This set consists of four (4) bushings, along with e-clips to fit in the retaining ring, to prevent the bushings from sliding out. The four (4) bushings allow for replacing of not only the under hood bushings, but also the bushings on the shifter itself.

As shown on the left, the Mopar option of (1) larger bushing is very evident when one looks under the hood. The large bushing has a much larger outer diameter, even though it fits on the same size rod on the transmission.

If purchasing, state in the notes area whether the large bushing is needed instead of a fourth small mount.

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sfw_comment_form_password: 1653zrPQbHJy

Price: $ 20.00
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Pontiac Fiero Aluminum Clutch Pedal Bushing

This Aluminum bushing is for manual transmissions only.

Please check your vehicles clutch pedal to make sure that it is a match. There are two types of clutch pedals, so one will need to verify that the vehicle in question has a bushing.

The stock bushing can wear over time, making it impossible to press the clutch in. If (and when) the stock bushing wears out, it can not only make it hard to engage the clutch, but it can completely deteriorate, causing the loss of a clutch completely during driving (trust me on this one!). This bushing also gives the vehicle more precise clutch engagement.

This bushing set consists of one bushing, along with proper e-clip to fit in the retaining ring to prevents the bushings from ever sliding out.

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Price: $ 15.00
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