Porsche Rear Suspension Subframe Brace

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The Cheetah rear suspension subframe brace is made for the Porsche Boxster 986. This brace is the same for either the standard or the S model Boxster.

This polished 6061 Aluminum rear suspension brace is twenty-four inches long, and has a one inch diameter. It solidly mounts the two independent subframe mounts (shown in the photos). This prohibits camber change of the rear tires during cornering by not allowing the two suspension points to either move closer or farther apart.

With the supplied 10.9 Grade / plated metric bolts, this bar is a complete bolt-on that can be installed in around (30) minutes with a floor jack, hammer, and a socket set.

This brace mounts flush with the top face of the frame bracing that mounts to the transmission cover plate. The two existing studs (shown circles in green) need to be tapped up with a hammer. These will come out easily, making room for the supplied bolts to be put in from the top. The brace has notches milled into it to allow the new bolt head to be recessed into the bar; to prevent the bolt from spinning while the stock nut is tightened from below.

Once installed, the brace is partially hidden by the transmission plate, and only the polished diameter is visible towards the center of the vehicle near the stock anti-sway bar. This brace does not interfere with aftermarket anti-sway bars or any other suspension modifications.

There have been different variations of this brace made, and it has been commonly called an "Ernie Bar"; named for the person who did the initial track testing. The installation directions for the variations of the different bars are similar.

The Cheetah brace offers the largest bar possible, with a polished finish, at a low price, and without any adjustment needed.

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Price: $ 100.00

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