Porsche Boxster Polyurethane Front Motor Mount

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This is a solid Polyurethane front motor mount for the Porsche Boxster 986. This mount is the same for either the standard or the S model.

This mount has a 6061 Aluminum center with a 60A Durometer Polyurethane center.

The stock mount, is prone to failure, and has been known to fail at less than 30,000 miles. The stock mount is hollow and not very strong. The photo of a mount below was taken out of a stock Boxster S and has been completely ripped in half. The movement was very noticeable from inside the vehicle. The motor sounds smoother and shifts are much crisper with the Cheetah mount. There is some added vibration on a car, but the car feels much more stable and stiff in the back. Pressing the gas pedal, the car is much more responsive, as the motor does not lose as much torque into the mounts.

The mount is installed just as the stock mount. Installation takes about 90 minutes, with floor jacks, a socket set, and a press to remove the old mount. The mount does not include the mounting bracket, only the insert replacement.

To install this specific mount, fit the polyurethane sleeve into the bracket first, then fit the Aluminum center into the polyurethane sleeve.

Stock mounts are available only from Porsche, and are $190 or higher. That stock mount will not survive long, especially with "spirited" driving, but the Cheetah mount should last the life of the vehicle.

Cheetah also offers a solid Delrin mount, for those who need or want even less movement and do not mind added vibration.

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Price: $ 125.00

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